Screen Share and File Transfer

We’re excited to announce two major features today: Screen Share and File Transfer

We’ve also enhanced our underlying technology to work through the toughest of firewalls.

As with the rest of our product, these features are completely free and there is no sign up needed.

Screen Share
We’ve designed screen share to be as effortless as the rest of the product. You can start sharing your screen by clicking the Screen Share button at the bottom of the page.

When you share, you can choose to show your entire screen, one application, or a specific window. Your screen will be shared at full resolution; this means that the other participants can clearly read text on your screen. This feature is perfect for sharing slides and documents.

Participants viewing your screen won’t need to download or install any software. You won’t need to download anything extra, though Adobe will quickly install a plugin through your browser.

File Transfer
Our new File Transfer feature makes sharing files easier than ever. Just drag a file into the transfer window and it will send to everyone else in the room.

If you have a account, the files will be stored at your Accounts page. You can redownload them at any time.

Enhanced Technology
We’ve overhauled our technology to ensure you have the best experience possible. If you firewall blocks peer-to-peer connections, we’ll reroute the data through our servers. This is perfect for users at work who can’t access the firewall settings.

We’ve also made myriad tweaks to the way we optimize audio and video. This means even clearer video and audio quality, even in low bandwidth environments.