Embedded Rooms and Room Buttons

Last week we announced two awesome features: Screen Share and File Transfer. This week we’re debut two more: Embedded Rooms and Room buttons.

Embedded Rooms

You can now embed a Meetings.io room on your own site. You can customize the size of the meeting room and surround it with your branding. An embedded room looks like this:

You can embed a room in three simple steps:

  1. Go to the Meetings.io home page and click ‘Get a Meeting Room’
  2. Select ‘Embed This Room’ from the options on the left
  3. Copy and paste the code onto your own site

It’s that easy! 

If you want to customize the size of the room, you can do so in the second step.

Room Buttons

Meetings.io now provides customizable room buttons for you to place elsewhere on the web. These allow you to link directly to your meeting room from anywhere.

You can get to the Room Buttons page by clicking the ‘Get a Meeting Room’ button and then selecting ‘Room Buttons’ from the options on the left.

You can customize the type, text, and color of the buttons. You can then copy the code and paste on your own page. Here’s a sample button:

We hope you enjoy these two new features! Leave us a comment with feedback.