Jive Software Acquires Meetings.io

Meetings.io is excited to announce that we’ve been acquired by Jive Software (NASDAQ:JIVE).

Jive Software is the world’s #1 social business platform and we’re thrilled to join forces. Like Meetings.io, they passionately believe in improving how people connect, share, and learn at work. What’s really exciting is that we share a similar vision around the criticality that real time communications plays in changing the way work gets done.  Our team joining forces with Jive further accelerates Jive’s innovative use of webRTC technology as an integral part of its social business platform.

Jive has an amazing list of clients like Toshiba, Avon, Charles Schwab, PwC, SAP, and EMC to name just a few who leverage jive to better collaborate and share knowledge between their teams, customers, and partners. And they’ve been in Gartner’s Leader quadrant across 9 straight MQ analyses covering every type of social business platform.

We would like to thank all of our customers for using Meetings.io and providing valuable feedback to help us grow. Meetings.io will continue to operate as is, and in the future our product will be integrated into the Jive platform. Rest assured, our product will only get better with Jive’s resources, support, and expertise.

We’re looking forward to helping Jive create even better ways for people to work together and developing the next generation of real time communication and collaboration tools.

You may also be interested in reading the full announcement released today or if you’d like to check out Jive’s social business platform, you can try it for free for 30 days.

What does this mean to you? Please read our FAQ’s below for more information.


What is going on?
Our company, Bitplay Inc, signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by Jive Software (NASDAQ:JIVE). Meetings.io will join their family of products and our company will be merged into Jive Software. www.jivesoftware.com

Who’s Jive Software?
Jive Software is the leader in social enterprise. Founded in 2001, and based in Palo Alto, Jive Software helps millions of people collaborate at work  Jive’s customers include many of the Fortune 100, as well as other businesses, academic institutions, and organizations of all shapes and sizes. You can try their product for free at http://www.jivesoftware.com/try-jive

Is Meetings.io staying online?
Meetings.io will stay as it is and be completely free for the time being. Your meeting rooms and personal profiles will continue to work as normal; all of our great features will remain online.

What happens to the Meetings.io team?
The entire team is staying together and will remain in San Francisco, CA. We’ll be working inside Jive’s swanky new SoMa office.

Why is Jive Software acquiring Meetings.io?
Jive is acquiring us to augment its product with cutting edge real time communications capabilities. Meetings.io is a perfect complement to their collaboration platform.

Why did you guys decide to be acquired?
Our goal is to dramatically improve how people work. We think we can better accomplish that by joining forces with Jive. With their support, we’ll be able to build better products and reach a larger audience. Beyond that, they have an amazing product, culture, and outlook on the future. We’re a perfect fit.

What is the value of the transaction?
We’re not disclosing details of the deal.

Will this change Jive’s current services?
The Jive platform will eventually see Meetings.io’s functionality. Until we complete the technical integration, the two products and services will remain separate. For now, Jive users who want to use Meetings.io will need to visit our site.

What changes can Meetings.io users expect to see?
For now, the integration will only take place on the back end. Meetings.io users will still be able to create meeting rooms and use their profile pages to meet with people and to collaborate together in real time. Your Meetings.io experience will remain exactly the same for now and you can expect the same great dedication to excellence as you always have from the Meetings.io team. For all intents and purposes, it’ll be business as usual.

Will Meetings.io remain free?
For now Meetings.io will continue to remain a free service.

What is going to happen to my data? How will this affect my privacy?
Your data is going to remain safe. Meetings.io will be operating from within Jive and held to their high standard of security and privacy. Jive partners with the world’s largest organizations and data privacy and security is a top priority for them. Your data will be handled similarly to how we handle existing customers such as EMC, Avon, Toshiba, and SAP.

Where can I get more information?
Check back here for additional information over the next few weeks as we begin our integration. If you need technical support on how to get started with Meetings.io, please contact our support team.

Be sure to also checkout our blog, Jive’s announcement, and the official press release. Please direct media inquiries and interview requests with the Jive communications team here:

Amanda Pires
Jive Software Inc
650 465 1215